We have specialist welders qualified in the use of tungsten carbide coatings, replacing tungsten cutting tips, hard facing of wear surfaces. We provide a range consumables and wear package options.

We offer cost effective metal repairs at our large capacity workshop in Cockburn Central or offer on-site mobile welding services that come to you, minimising down time to your business.

An afterhours and breakdown service is available at a moment’s notice. We have helped many clients get back up and running quickly after breakdowns have occurred and will do our very best to accommodate you should a breakdown occur.

We repair a broad range of equipment including earthmoving buckets and machinery, drilling equipment and tooling, transport equipment including all vehicles, trucks and trailers, boats, fuel tanks, Water trucks and tanks.

We are a Licenced Repairer and authorised transport modi er to VSB6. We are approved to carry out repairs and modi cations to all transport equipment.

Welding Solutions carry out repairs anything that is bent, broken or cracked we can repair it as good as or better than new. We are specialists in the repairs of directional drilling equipment including reamers, drilling tips, drill rods, and hard facing of wear surfaces.

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